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Steven Hancock
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United States
My name is Steven Hancock, online I go by Palsa.
I draw and write as a hobby, as well as make 3d models and sprites; though I hope to improve myself considerably. ^_^
My interests include: anime, manga, games (primarily Gust RPG's and Assassin's Creed), and ancient history.
I can generally be found on A Reyvateil's Melody, (new board).

Other sites:
Hi all, this is not anything big, I just have a few things I've been thinking about, and thought I'd write it down, so feel free to share your opinions. :)

I'm still working on the drawings for the doujin book, they're coming along slowly, I'll manage to get them done (hopefully before the deadline. ^^;), but I'm not going to be able to post anything before it finishes (the current deadline is mid-July).
In spite of that fact, I've had a lot of drawing ideas that I would like to do some time in the future, so your feedback should help influence me on which ones to focus on when that time comes. ^_^
Here are the drawing ideas I'm thinking of:

Kiki Kaikai (Pocky & Rocky) - game fan art.

Kiki Kaikai was a Japanese game series that was big back in the 80s and 90s, I have a lot of memories from the games that were released on the Snes.
The Western release changed a lot of things, such as the character names (which makes me cringe).
What I'm looking at is having Sayo (Pocky), Miki (Becky. . .), Manuke (Rocky the Racoon) and Shinobu (Little Ninja) siting on the porch of a Japanese style home, eating food, possibly Dango, and I might also have Miruki (Impy) somewhere in the background making an angry face.

Hayami Saori characters: Yukinoshita Yukino, Shiraishi, Urara and Hiiragi Shinoa. - cross anime fan art.

I'm a big fan of Hayami Saori's work, and right now she's voicing three leading characters in different series, which is pretty cool. :)
Both Yukinoshita and Shiraishi are really into being left alone to read or study, so I was thinking of having each girl in a picture sitting on a bench reading.
Yukinoshita on the left reading literature, Shiraishi on the right reading a geometry book, and Hiiragi in the middle reading porn while making an amusing facial expression (because that's the only thing I can honestly imagine her reading).Dignity Laugh
But since the season will be over before I can get around to this, I might not draw it.

Uchida Maaya characters: Takanashi Rikka and Kanzaki Ranko - cross anime fan art.

Because they both have a huge case of chuunibyou, wear black gothic dresses with contacts and often carry umbrellas, and because two chuunibyou voiced by Uchida Maaya are better than one. :D

Love Live! School Idol Project - anime fan art.

I've been thinking of drawing the characters in outfits based off of Alice in Wonderland.
Here is a quick idea of what I'm talking about:
Kousaka Honoka - Alice.
Minami Kotori - White Rabbit.
Sonoda Umi - Caterpiller.
Yazawa Niko - Cheshire Cat.
Hoshizora Rin - Tweedledee.
Koizumi Hanayo - Tweedledum.
Nishikino Maki - Mad Hatter.
Toujou Nozomi - March Hare.
Ayase Eri - Queen of Hearts.
But this would be a fairly ambitious project, and a lot of work, so I wouldn't expect to see anything of it for awhile.

Onto other matters, awhile back I made a character generator, you can find it here.
It is primarily based around Gust games, so the first and last names are from characters in the Atelier, Mana Khemia and Ar tonelico series', there are also a few traits, classes and races from Gust games as well, such as alchemist for a job occupation or Reyvateil for a race.
If your not familiar with the Ar tonelico series then you wont know what a Reyvateil is, they are basically a person that can produce song magic when they sing, but all Reyvateil are female; you can find out more about them and see what they generally dress like on the Ar tonelico Wiki.
The primary reason as to why I'm mentioning this, is because I figured that the generator could be useful for people that either want to start a character concept, or just want to draw a character at random.
Much of the time you will get weird, and sometimes amusing combinations, but I've also found that a lot of the time the info fits right together, and creates a rough outline of a character with potential to grow; if you don't like the result, then you can hit the 'Change Identity!' button to generate a new character.
For an additional note, I'm always updating new features to the database, so let me know if you have a suggestion for it. ^_^
If anyone wants to use it, feel free, and if you decide to draw a character made with the generator, then I'd love to see what you come up with. :D

I also just bought a few games and software off of Steam during the recent sale, to be more precise: RPG Maker 2003, Freedom Planet, Ys Origin, Eden* and Sakura Spirit; because I apparently don't have enough distractions already.Working Around the Clock - College Emote 
While I was at it, I bought the The Emporium of Copper and Steel, a music asset for RPG Maker, which includes 34 awesome songs and 54 sound effects, all composed by Murray Atkinson, I highly recommend it. ^_^

Well, that certainly turned into a wall of text over nothing big. ^^;
Anyway, I have to get back to drawing, ciao.:cheers3:
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: The sound of my computer.
  • Reading: Manga.
  • Watching: Hibike! Euphonium, Plastic Memories.
  • Playing: Atelier Ayesha, Mana Khemia, Ys Origin.
  • Eating: Peach, Blackberry and Raspberry Pie. (all in one:)
  • Drinking: Tea.

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